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Chocolate Roll Cake with Coffee Steri Stumpie and Cream Cheese Ganache

Why not surprise your friend with this chocolate roll cake.

Sheet Cake:

100g chopped COCOAFAIR 70% Dark Chocolate

90g Unsalted Butter

65g Egg Yolk

100g Egg White

112g Castor Sugar

Pinch of Salt

50g Cake flour

40g Almond Flour


Ganache Icing:

180g Coffee Steri Stumpie

100g President Fluffy Cream Cheese

 250g COCOAFAIR 56% Dark Chocolate finely chopped


Method for the Sheet Cake:

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

2. Melt together the butter and chocolate over a double boiler.

3. Separate the eggs.

4. Divide the castor sugar in two and add the halves respectively to the yolk and whites.

5. Whisk the yolks by hand till light and fluffy.

6. Then whisk the whites till soft peak.

7. Fold whisked yolks, egg whites together, the chocolate and butter mixture and together.

8. Add the cake flour, almond flour and salt and fold it all together.

9. Pour into a prepared sheet pan: 30 x 40 cm lined out with baking paper. Bake for 8 minutes.

10. Let it cool down and start preparing the ganache icing.

Method for the Icing:

1. Bring to the boil the steri stumpie and cream cheese whilst whisking. Once boiling, pour over the chopped chocolate and stir with a whisk till smooth and silky.

2. Using a clean baking sheet, place the sponge sheet cake onto the new fresh baking sheet, cake facing the new sheet, and peel off the one the cake was baked on. Now spread the ganache icing evenly onto the sheet but reserving about a cup for decorating and coating the cake afterwards.

3. Once you have spread out the ganache, roll up the cake like a swiss roll, using the baking paper as support to roll it nice and tight.

4. Gently soften the ganache again to a runny consistency and pour evenly over the roll cake.

5. Decorate with cocoa nibs, melted chocolate or cookie crumbs if you like.

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