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Supporting Perpetua House

Making a positive difference in the world has always been at the heart of COCOAFAIR. In the past, we have supported many charitable organisations, events and individuals. 

This year we had the privilege to work with the team at Perpetua House. We were humbled to inspired by their passion and dedication to drive positive change. 

Perpetua House was founded in 2011 and is a school for special needs learners, aged 12 years and older. The learners are educated with a curriculum which employs a more skills and career coaching approach to learning than is currently offered in schools. It is also a gathering place for those who have left school, providing them with an opportunity to meet, socialise, and contribute to the community by making a variety of goods.

Seeing what they do, we have decided that instead of creating small impacts all over, going forward, we will focus our charitable resources behind Perpetua House. 

Our hope is that with a more focussed effort we will be able to assist the team to make a bigger difference. 

Going forward, when our customers purchase online they will receive a Perpetua House key ring which was made by the crafters at the School. We have also made the key rings available on our site, should you wish to purchase some extra. All the proceeds of the key rings go to the school. 

To find out more about the School, the learners and the amazing work being done there, click here

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