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Types of Chocolate

We regularly receive questions about the types of chocolate and what makes our chocolate different.

We make what is known as Couverture. Couverture chocolate only uses cocoa butter and no other plant-based fats. It must contain no less than 31% cocoa butter or 35% cocoa solids.

Couverture is usually more expensive and has a higher cocoa percentage. It requires to be tempered and has a smoother and less waxy mouthfeel.

The other type of chocolate is known as Compound or Baking Chocolate. Compound chocolate consists of cocoa powder and substituting the cocoa butter with vegetable fat, usually palm fat/oil.

Compound chocolate tends to be a lower quality product, cheaper, and does not require tempering. Although it gives you a chocolate flavor, it leaves a waxy aftertaste in your mouth.

If you have more questions or need more detail, please email us at info@cocoafair.com

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