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White Chocolate Soft Sponge Milk Tart

Recently we tried to see what we can do with our White Chocolate Blondie Pre-mix. Is it just a blondie or can it be more. It turns out it is a whole lot more. 

This is the second recipe in the serious. This also requires some more ingredients and a bit more effort. In the end, we think the bit of extra work is worth it.

Try it, enjoy it and let is know what creations you made with this versatile White Chocolate Blondie Pre-Mix.

Skill Level: Level 2 (testing your whisk skills)

Prep Time: 

Baking Time:

Sponge Ingredients:

155g White Chocolate Blondie Pre-Mix

55g Water

Sponge Method:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 170 Degrees Celsius.

2. Line out a 20 x 20cm baking tray with silicone paper.

3. Blend the ingredients together and pour into the prepared baking tray.

4. Bake at 170 Degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

5. Set aside to cool.

Sugar Syrup Ingredients:

120g water

120g Sugar

Sugar Syrup Method:

1. Mix all the ingredients and boil for 1 minute then pour hot over the sponge

Milk Tart Filling:

450g Milk (Cow or Vegan)

150g White Chocolate Blondie Pre-Mix

100g White chocolate drops

2 large eggs

3 large yolks

Milk Tart Method:

1. Mix together the milk and the blondie powder in a medium size pot.

2. Using a whisk to stir constantly, bring the mix to a boil to form a custard.

3. Once boiling, remove from the heat.

4. Whisk in the white chocolate.

5. In a separate bowl, whisk the whole eggs and yolks together and pour into the custard pot.

6. Whisk the mixture together until thoroughly combined.

7. Pour the milk tart mixture over the soft sponge and bake at 160 Degrees Celsius (fan forced) for 18 minutes.

8. Allow to cool.

9. Cinnamon sugar can be used to decorate and flavour the milk tart in the traditional way.

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